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Sprinkler Installation and Services ...

Facts about home fire sprinklers

Automatic sprinklers are highly effective and reliable elements of total system designs for fire protection in buildings. According to NFPA's "U.S. Experience with Sprinklers" report: The civilian death rate was 81 percent lower in homes with fire sprinklers than in homes without them.

The average firefighter injury rate was nearly 80 percent lower when fire sprinklers were present during fires. When sprinklers were present, fires were kept to the room of origin 97 percent of the time.

The home fire death rate was 90 percent lower when fire sprinklers and hardwired smoke alarms were present. By comparison, this death rate is only 18 percent lower when battery-powered smoke alarms are present but automatic extinguishing systems weren't.


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Design is the essence of a successful execution for the installment of fire sprinkler systems. Our fire protection engineers utilize state of the art technology to design wet and dry systems which are shown in perfected architectural drawings. All sprinkler design layouts are aligned with all other trade drawings to ensure a successful overall building project. Design can vary, depending on specific project and client needs. We can provide fully engineered design drawings with pipe sizing and routing, valve specification, sprinkler layout, hydraulic calculations, etc.

At Pierce Fire Protection Services our field technicians have the experience and certifications to provide swift, efficient installation of your fire sprinkler system. Each sprinkler system is carefully tested so that you, your building official and your insurance underwriters are satisfied. And if retrofitting is required, pre-assembly minimizes disruptions to your business activities.


At Pierce Fire Protection Services we believe that planning equals success. Our design and installation teams coordinate closely with all trades to determine the best routing and installation procedures.


Field technicians taking pride in their work, is a "key to success" at Pierce Fire Protection Services. Whether we're installing piping in an open warehouse or above a ceiling in a office building, a clean installation is the standard at Pierce Fire Protection Services.

Whether you have a small leak, a large burst, or a compressor kicking on constantly; Our technicians will be there as soon as possible to analyze and resolve the problem by providing outstanding service work.

We realize that it is imperative that your systems are up and running on a consistent basis, so that all property and lives are well protected. This is why our approach leaves all customers feeling extremely prioritized.

We are currently serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts for all fire protection needs. Do not hesitate to call our experts at Pierce Fire for any service work that needs to be executed by industry professionals.

According to NFPA 25 and state code, we test systems, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually as deemed necessary. Our reports are conducted electronically and emailed directly to the customer as well as municipalities at request. Test reports are also available to customers through Inspect Point "Customer Portal". We are affiliated and maintain positive, professional relationships with local fire alarm contractors for scheduling convenience.

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Our Mission ...

At Pierce Fire Protection Services, Inc., we strive for excellence in everything we do, ensuring complete customer satisfaction one hundred percent of the time. It is our mission to equip Rhode Island and Massachusetts with the flawless execution of installment, inspection, service, and testing of fire protection systems; including fire sprinkler systems, fixed pre-engineered suppression systems, and portable fire extinguishers. Our business is saving lives, as well as protecting property. Our staff is dedicated to answering any and all of our customer’s questions, so that we may fulfill all of their fire protection needs.

We offer 24 hour Emergency Service.

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