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ABC Dry Chemical

There are many types developed for a variety of industry related situations and requirements

This type of extinguisher can be used on class A, B, and C fires. This extinguisher uses a special powder which helps put out fires started by common combustible solid objects, burning gases and liquids, and electrical fires.


Class K Wet Chemical

Wet Chemical extinguishers are mainly used for fighting cooking fires, making them a great option for your commercial building’s kitchen. The discharge time is 30 to 85 seconds, and the maximum range is 8 to 12 feet.


Water Mist

In buildings with sensitive equipment, such as a healthcare facility or hospital, pressurized water extinguishers are a very good option. Since hospital equipment is so expensive and valuable, using an ABC type is not a good idea, as the corrosive agent could damage important machinery.


Carbon Dioxide

C02 extinguishers remove oxygen and heat from a fire by the use of a cold discharge. This type works well in laboratories, but can’t be used on fires caused by metals. Also, these extinguishers can’t be used on Class B and C fires.



Also called D-type, these extinguishers work well on class D fires, which are caused by metals including sodium, magnesium, or titanium. This type also works well in laboratories, as metals are often in use in a lab setting.




6 Year Maintenance


We supply and install portable fire extinguishers of all classification at competitive prices. According to NFPA10, we assist in determining the minimum number of fire extinguishers needed to protect a property. Our extinguishers are conspicuously located where they are readily accessible and immediately available in the event of fire.

By code, fire extinguishers must be manually inspected and tagged when initially placed in service and at least once per calendar year" -NFPA10. In the event that an extinguisher needs to be removed for servicing, a loaner will be left in its place.

According to NFPA10, stored pressure fire extinguishers that require a 12 year hydrostatic test, must be discharged and examined internally and externally every six years. In the event that a fire extinguisher is used by a customer, then the extinguisher must be recharged, regardless of when it is used.

In accordance with NFPA 10, we use water for all hydrostatic testing of ABC fire extinguishers. For safety reasons, the cylinder must be tested within a protective cage device or placed behind a protective shield that allows visual observation while the cylinder is under pressure. Typically, pressurized water, carbon dioxide, and wet chemical extinguishers need to be hydrostatically tested every 5 years. Dry chemical extinguishers need to be tested every 12 years.

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At Pierce Fire Protection Services, Inc., we strive for excellence in everything we do, ensuring complete customer satisfaction one hundred percent of the time. It is our mission to equip Rhode Island and Massachusetts with the flawless execution of installment, inspection, service, and testing of fire protection systems; including fire sprinkler systems, fixed pre-engineered suppression systems, and portable fire extinguishers. Our business is saving lives, as well as protecting property. Our staff is dedicated to answering any and all of our customer’s questions, so that we may fulfill all of their fire protection needs.

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